About the Team

The Next Chapter team consists of its owner (Tonya,) Lead Organizers, Pro Organizers, Organizing Assistants, General Assistants, and Junior Assistants.

Next Chapter employees are interviewed, vetted, oriented, basic-trained, and background checked prior to entering client homes.

Think of our various roles as characters in a book that come together to create a great story:

Imagine answering your door in the morning and seeing multiple people with good energy and positive vibes carrying their morning coffee and supply caddies. They introduce themselves one by one, switch into their “indoor shoes,” and get to work! Depending on the package you chose, you might have two – or even twelve – Next Chapter team members scattered about your home. You’re comfortable with this, since you met the owner and/or a Lead Organizer during your free consultation, you personally worked with Tonya or a Lead Organizer to “Prep” for this big day, and you directed our muscles and manpower to relocate items that belong in other areas of your home. 

So now imagine it’s later afternoon on Organizing Day, and you get “the call” that the team is ready to reveal your new space(s)! As they walk you through your clean and organized space(s,) each organizer explains the space they transformed, and how you can continue its upkeep moving forward. As our team exits, your newest chapter has begun!

In the journey of life and grounding of home, every page turned and chapter begun is an invitation to new beginnings.

At Next Chapter, we believe that the most riveting chapters are those that are co-written. Will you open the door and let our ensemble of dedicated organizers co-author your home’s story of order and sustainable function?

Your organized space awaits!