I’m embarrassed of my home. Should I tidy up before you come?

Absolutely not. I need to see your real, everyday situation in order to assess how we can best help you “turn the page.”  If you didn’t have a mess, I wouldn’t have a job! 

What do you mean by “Decluttering?”

Decluttering consists of removing items from the space we will be organizing that should not be part of the organized result. Most people are surprised to discover that they might have expired food in their pantry, old clothing tags on the floor of their closet, the spatula they’ve been looking for in the kitchen turns up in the basement… or children’s toys from days gone by could be enjoyed by another family.

How could you possibly declutter for me? 

We’ll never declutter for  you; we declutter with you. Parting with possessions is a very personal task that one or two of us gently assist you through as part of the preparation for organizing. 

What are the advantages to contracting a Next Chapter team package as opposed to working with one organizer? 

You save time and money!

While our “Page by Page” hourly-rate option works best for clients who prefer to work together with one of our Lead Organizers for a more personal and gradual approach, organizing results can take many sessions to fully achieve.

Our “Paragraphs” and “New Chapter” flat-rate package deals are team-based, with the client only needing to be present for the decluttering session, then our team comes in on a separate day to get you #nextchaptered much faster!

Do I need to be home for the team organizing project?

No. Although we do need you to work with us for the decluttering session, the team-based organizing package is where you get to go about your day as normally scheduled… and let us get your space #nextchaptered !

Do your rates include products?

No. If products such as containers, bins, totes, shelving, baskets, decor etc that stay in your home as part of the finished project are needed (and they usually are,) these are additional purchases that you can set a budget for. Shopping for and ordering those purchases is determined on a case by case basis, which can be explained in more detail during the consultation. 

Will you install shelving or assemble products?

If our plan includes your purchase of shelving or products that require assembly, some members of my team and I can do basic assembly and minor installs. We can discuss possibilities for more complex items during the consultation. 

Do you clean while you organize?

Only to the extent that a project requires light cleaning for proper completion. Light sweeping, wiping, or vacuuming is often part of the process. However, heavier-duty or deep cleaning projects (such as scrubbing a sink, tub or shower, mopping floors, removing or washing dirty laundry, etc) are a whole different field of work, and I’d ask that you have a cleaning service address those things prior to our project start date. Time spent cleaning is time spent *not* organizing.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Please notify me of any changes as soon as possible.

Cancellation within 48 hours of the project start day will result in a $50 fee, over and above the project deposit.

Repeat cancellations may result in forfeit of the $100 deposit.